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Janessa Allen

Hello! I'm Janessa Allen


I have accumulated over 25 years of experience in the Information Technology industry, dedicating 16 years specifically to working with web applications. Throughout my career, I've been involved in large-scale projects, ranging from remediation and maintenance tasks to steering projects from their initial stages to successful launch. My passion lies in applying effective data patterns, consistently refining code, and adhering to best practices to achieve clean and efficient code.

Building lasting relationships with clients has been a key focus for me over the years, and I am committed to continuing this approach with any future prospects. I collaborate with talented designers and branding strategists, aiming to play a vital role in bringing your projects and ideas to life in the digital realm.

On a personal level, I am not only dedicated to my professional pursuits but also embrace roles as a mother, an animal enthusiast, and a self-proclaimed audiophile. I look forward to connecting with you!




Azure DevOps

SQL Server

Services I offer

Web Design

I specialize in creating visually stunning websites that uniquely reflect your identity and brand. Every design I craft is optimized for mobile devices, incorporating the latest techniques and trends to ensure a top-notch front-end user experience.


I am passionate about developing custom database-driven web applications that empower your website to collect information and handle data tailored to your specific business needs.

SEO Optimization

To guarantee a high-ranking website, I follow best practices recommended by search engines. I consistently monitor your site's performance, making adjustments to align with changes and trends in search engine algorithms.


I commit to being your long-term partner throughout the life of your website. Your satisfaction is my top priority, and I am dedicated to being responsive to your needs promptly and efficiently.

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As a fervent internet enthusiast, I thrive on all things web-related. From crafting captivating designs to developing intricate code and producing engaging web content, my passion drives me. I'm eager to explore the possibility of collaborating on your next project. Let's connect and bring your ideas to life!

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